Addiction Treatment

Here at Axis Treatment West, we offer a hands-on approach to helping clients recover from their substance abuse. Our professional staff, with over 100 years combined experience in the addiction treatment field, devotes themselves to helping clients address and heal from the disease of addiction that has often caused great devastation in their lives, and in the lives of those who love them.  We treat each client as an individual; their recovery is our primary concern.  We go to great lengths to ensure that each client we treat will receive a customized treatment plan, tailored to their specific needs and goals.  Our hope is that by the time they leave us, our clients will have been outfitted with the tools and awareness necessary to give them the best chance possible of living a full and happy life again.


Combating Drug Addiction with Addiction Treatment

The treatments that we offer here at Axis West vary greatly, giving each client a wide variety of personalized treatment plans from which to choose, each one specifically designed to meet their needs.  We hope that after you take a look at the services we offer, and compare them with those of our competitors, you’ll realize that Axis West is the right choice for your recovery.  Amongst the many features you will find here include but are not limited to:

–  Individualized Treatment Plans;

–  Confidential and secure facility, providing a serene and secluded atmosphere;

–  Individual and group therapy sessions;

–  Self-reflection groups;

–  Peer feedback;

–  Around-the-clock care from clinical staff;

–  Offsite activities accompanied by staff;

–  Structured living environment;

–  Continuous access to caring professionals;

–  Promotion of a principled way of life.


Addiction Treatment at Axis West

By approaching addiction in this manner, Axis Treatment West has become an industry leader in helping people recover from their addiction.  Our method of combining individual challenges with ongoing support has proven to be very effective in engaging our clients, and more importantly, getting them to invest more deeply in their own recoveries than ever before.  We are well aware of the many different options that are available to those seeking help for their drug or alcohol addiction (Source:  But we are also confident that the addiction treatment offered at Axis West far surpasses that offered by the majority of rehabs operating today.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the scourge of addiction, please call one of our intake specialists today at 866-737-3573.  We look forward to discussing all of the options available to you, and helping you to determine if Axis West’s Addiction Treatment program is the right one to get your recovery started most effectively.