Affordable Drug Rehab

Affordable Drug Rehab at Axis West

At Axis Treatment West, we offer a top-rated, Affordable Drug Rehab program, which features luxurious accommodations and a highly credentialed staff.  One of our primary goals is to provide help for you or your loved one at a cost that is both reasonable, and often covered by most insurance policies. If we find that we are unable to accept your insurance for any reason, we will find another Affordable Drug rehab facility that does.  So why wait any longer?  Axis West is one phone call away.


Common questions about our Affordable Drug Rehab:

How much does your program cost?

The out-of-pocket costs for addiction treatment can vary for each individual depending on a variety of factors:

–  Detoxification

–  Length of Stay

–  Type of Insurance Coverage

–  Costs of any additional services and/or prescription medication

At Axis West’s affordable California drug rehab, we offer plans that are covered by most insurance policies.  Our admissions specialists are available 24 hours a day to make financial arrangements for you or your loved one to enter treatment today.


What is included in the price of treatment?

Axis Treatment West offers an all-inclusive, affordable drug rehab program.  During their stay with us, clients will experience luxurious accommodations, gourmet meals prepared fresh each day, recreational therapy activities, weekly therapy with licensed therapists, and a comfortable integration into a lifestyle of recovery.  We are also happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or special requests.


Will my insurance cover the cost of an affordable drug rehab?

Yes. Our clients’ insurance policies can usually help pay at least a portion of the costs of treatment. Coverage, of course, varies with different policies, but in the rare case we cannot accept your insurance policy, we will find you a convenient and affordable drug rehab that does.


What other costs should I consider when choosing an affordable drug rehab?

Depending on you or your loved one’s situation, there can be other costs associated with the recovery process. Some of these may include:

–  Professional Intervention services

–  Travel arrangements to and from treatment

–  Aftercare or intensive outpatient treatment

The highly trained admissions specialists at our affordable drug rehab are standing by, ready to assist you with any needs which may arise as you prepare yourself (or your loved one) for treatment, including but not limited to travel arrangements, interventions, and providing aftercare resources. We understand how overwhelming the treatment process can be, and we’re ready to help you make the necessary arrangements to ensure a successful recovery process.


Will the quality of care depend on how much I can afford?

No. Our program of recovery at Axis West’s affordable drug rehab does not vary based on your financial assessment or type of payment. Our highly credentialed staff offers the same quality of care to every client we treat.


How do I choose the right affordable drug rehab?

Whenever someone is seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one, they may not be sure where to start. It should be comforting to know that there are low cost options, including government-funded programs (source: Axis West is one such option – a high-caliber, California affordable drug rehab with a variety of treatment plans customized for each individual.  If you have any questions, please call our 24 Hour confidential helpline at 866-737-3573 and speak with one of our admissions specialists. We’ll be able to answer your questions, verify your insurance, and can often schedule same day admissions as well.