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Alcohol Rehab at Axis Treatment West

Despite the fact that we have greater knowledge today about the toll drinking too much alcohol can take on the human body (source:, alcoholism continues to be one of the most common forms of drug abuse in the United States.  And with many young people experimenting with alcohol while still teenagers, alcohol dependence and alcoholism remains a very real threat to our society.  Which means that the recovery offered by an alcohol rehab like the one we offer at Axis Treatment West is as important as ever before.


Characteristics and Indicators of Alcoholism

Like many diseases, Alcoholism can be identified by several characteristics, including:

–  The phenomenon of craving.  Marked by a nearly continual desire to consume alcohol, often in greater and greater quantities;

–  Increased tolerance.  The need to consume increasing amounts of alcohol, while “chasing” the same euphoric effects;

–  Loss of control.  As the term implies, this refers to the alcoholic’s inability to stop drinking alcohol once he (or she) has begin to feel the effects of the alcohol;

–  Physical dependence.  The alcoholic will experience withdrawal symptoms, even when no alcohol has been consumed.

Alcohol abuse refers to a pattern of drinking that is harmful to the drinkers, as well as those closest to them.  The following situations, occurring repeatedly over the course of a year, can be strong indicators of alcohol abuse, as well as a sign that an alcohol rehab may be necessary:

–  Missing work or neglecting child care responsibilities because of drinking;

–  Drinking under dangerous circumstances, such as driving, or operating heavy machinery;

–  Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, or for inflicting bodily harm on someone while drunk;

–  Continuing to keep drinking despite ongoing alcohol-related tensions with friends and family and other loved ones.

“Alcoholism is a self-diagnosed disease” is an oft-heard expression in the recovery community.  But when any of the above factors come into play, there is a good chance that the affected individual is addicted to alcohol.  It’s important that the alcoholic diagnose the disease for him or herself, however; otherwise there is little chance he or she will take the necessary action to get help for the problem.  It’s at this point that an alcohol rehab can be most useful.  It is very rare, after all, that an alcoholic will stop drinking without professional help, or strong family support.


Treating Alcoholism at an Alcohol Rehab

The unfortunate truth is, there is no be-all, end-all cure for alcoholism.  As Bill Wilson wrote, “Science may one day accomplish this, but it hasn’t done so yet.”  Alcoholism is, instead, a lifelong, chronic condition that the afflicted individual must learn to live with and control.  Part of doing so can include seeking treatment for their disease, which is where a California alcohol rehab can come in, like ours at Axis Treatment West.

Because of the serious nature of the disease, treatment must be approached with equal seriousness.  A good alcohol rehab will do more than simply remove alcohol from the alcoholic’s system; we will provide an effective, customizable treatment plan that will give the alcoholic the tools he or she will need to live a happy, healthy life, without succumbing to the addictive nature of their insidious disease.  Alcoholism is a powerful affliction that can lead to many long-term health problems, including liver and kidney disease, heart attack and stroke (source:  Finding help and entering the Axis West alcohol rehab is one of the best ways for an addict to beat their addiction and become productively and usefully whole again.

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