Alcohol Treatment

Axis Treatment West is capable of treating any severity of alcohol abuse. When a client comes to Axis West who is suffering from dependency on alcohol, we take their care very seriously. Throughout the detoxification process, and through the stages of early recovery, we provide round the clock supervision to stabilize the client physically, as well as to assist the client in deepening their commitment to freedom from alcohol.  One of the primary foundational principles at the core of the Axis West philosophy is the belief that the alcoholic must find the willingness to invest more deeply in their own recovery, if they truly wish to break free of their addiction and move forward to a useful, productive, and joyous life.  We place just as much responsibility on our Axis West team to use all the tools, experience, and expertise at their disposal to engage our clients in ways, and on levels, that have never been reached before.  The result is, we believe, incredibly effective alcohol treatment that has given countless numbers of clients the ability to achieve sustainable sobriety.


Addressing Alcoholism with Alcohol Treatment

Once clients are stable, we utilize a variety of treatments, therapies, and activities that help educate clients about alcoholism, their core issues and the tools they need to maintain sober and productive lives.  These include:

–  Treatment plan tailored to the individual;

–  A serene, secluded and completely confidential facility;

–  Individual therapy;

–  Group therapy;

–  Family therapy;

–  Structured living environment;

–  24-7 monitoring of the client by our caring staff;

–  Supervised offsite activities.

These methods represent state-of-the-art alcohol treatment, available for all those who are truly willing to embrace deep, meaningful change in their lives.  We understand, of course, that there can be a tremendous amount of resistance along the way.  Change does not come easy, especially where alcoholic behavior is concerned, behavior that has been engrained in some cases for many, many years.  But the methods listed above, employed with great care and compassion by our dedicated staff, are designed to break down the natural obstacles that so often surface when one is attempting to break free of the bonds of addiction.


Alcohol Treatment at Axis West

Here at Axis West, our goal is to provide a strong foundation for alcoholics to recover. Our active and attentive approach with clients, accompanied by our introduction of a new, principled life style have proven to be highly effective in bringing recovery to alcoholics seeking help. (Source:

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, please don’t hesitate to call one of our admissions specialists today at 866-737-3573.  We’ll be happy to discuss all the options available to you, and help determine if Axis West’s Alcohol Treatment program is the most effective one to get your recovery started on the right track.

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