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Cocaine Rehab at AXIS WEST

As anyone knows who’s had any experience in the recovery field, or the world of hardcore drug consumption, a cocaine addiction can be one of the most severe, damaging addictions around.  If you or someone you love has developed an addiction to cocaine, then we’d like to strongly recommend you find a quality cocaine rehab as soon as possible.  The chances for long-term recovery are greatly increased the sooner an addict gets help, and the more committed he or she is in the process.  At Axis Treatment West, we pride ourselves in helping our clients to invest more heavily in their recovery than ever before.


Detox at Cocaine Rehab

Initially, a cocaine addict’s journey at a cocaine rehab will begin with the detox phase. By definition, the detox phase officially starts after the last instance of cocaine abuse.  When the cocaine addict feels the euphoric effects of the drug subside, he or she will now come face to face with the often uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.  Usually, these symptoms are mild at the beginning of this process, and mostly consist of a strong desire to put more cocaine in the system.  As time passes, the addict will begin to experience further signs of withdrawal, which can include nausea, tremors, and mood swings.  As soon as the addict makes the decision to enter recovery, however, symptoms such as these can be alleviated by medications administered under the care of a professional medical provider.  Depending upon the severity of the cocaine addiction, detox at a Cocaine Rehab can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.  Typically, this initial phase of recovery can be undergone within the span of a week.  But it must be noted that detox by itself should not be considered the full extent of treatment.  At Axis West, we strongly encourage addicts to follow up with an extended treatment program at an inpatient Cocaine rehab if necessary, if their goal is to achieve long lasting sustainable sobriety.


Benefits of an Inpatient Cocaine Rehab

Even though an outpatient treatment program will occasionally offer some of the same treatment options, generally speaking, inpatient programs are more effective at helping cocaine addicts look more closely at the true nature of their problems, while developing the tools necessary to become usefully and productively whole again.  Among the many distinct benefits to entering cocaine rehab at a residential inpatient facility, such as Axis West are:

–       Being able to focus on recovery and avoid outside distractions such as work or school;

–       The 24/7 availability of a caring, compassionate staff of highly trained counselors;

–       A relaxing environment that is conducive to the most effective (not to mention holistic) healing of mind, body and spirit;

–       A range of amenities from hiking and going to the gym, to seeing movies and biking at the beach;

–       Instructors in various alternative therapies, such as yoga, martial arts, or art and music therapies.


Choosing the Right Cocaine Rehab

At Axis West, we encourage anyone struggling with cocaine to discuss the problem thoroughly with friends, family, and loved ones.  Cocaine addiction is a very challenging issue that affects a wide range of people, from starving, penniless students to well-compensated, highly acclaimed movie stars (source:  Finding the right course of treatment is the first step on the road to recovery, and a step that rewards those who approach it with care and concern.  Please feel free to call our admissions counselors at 866.737.3573 and see if our California cocaine rehab at Axis West is the right treatment facility to begin your journey to recovery.


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