Crystal Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine is an addictive stimulant that creates an immediate euphoria, but also has severe negative health effects for those who use it. The United States government reported in 2008 that approximately 13 million people over the age of 12 have used methamphetamine—and 529,000 of those are regular users. Some people take meth because of the long-lasting high that it gives. Methamphetamine causes numerous neurotransmitters to be released in the brain, producing a sense of euphoria that may last as long as 12 hours, depending on how the drug was taken. As a stimulant, methamphetamine improves concentration, energy, and alertness while decreasing appetite and fatigue. Methamphetamines are also taken by people who are feeling depressed. They may be taken for their side effect of increasing libido and sexual pleasure.

Many people do not know there is a down side to meth until they stop using and come down. The problem reveals itself with the crash following a run with meth. The day after the user feels sick, depressed, guilty, ashamed and angry. The meth user is aware that a small amount of meth will eliminate these unpleasant symptoms and produce good feelings. Eventually the user depends on meth as a solution to the problem it has created, and the cycle of meth addiction is born.  Meth addiction is cunning and powerful, and though it has clear and self-evident devastating effects, those caught in its grips cannot resist the temptation to continue using it.  Even though someone has become addicted to meth, they should not feel the situation is hopeless.  Meth addiction treatment is available through rehabilitation that specializes in providing help and support to even the most desperate and despondent of meth addicts.


A Rehab Program for your Crystal Meth Addiction

Choosing the right rehab program is essential for the crystal meth addict’s recovery. There are many different types of Rehab Programs, including inpatient AND outpatient treatment.  Outpatient programs are facilities that will take you in for numerous hours of the day, but will not allow you to stay there over night. Outpatient rehab programs are usually for addicts that do not need to detox and their lives are not affected by drugs in a negative way. For the crystal meth addict it is recommended that they find an inpatient rehab facility, due to the highly addictive nature of the drug and its potential to lessen one’s quality of life if it has not done so already.

For people looking into an inpatient rehab program it is imperative that they choose the right one that will suffice their needs and the severity of their addiction. For crystal meth addicts a very important part of recovery is choosing a rehab with a detox program and staff that is supportive and on the clock twenty four hours a day to make sure the crystal meth addict is comfortable and not in any pain. Some rehab facilities eschew home ambience and are designed to feel more like a hospital clinic. At Axis Treatment West, our facility is designed to promote a comfortable environment where addicts can learn about themselves and grow from the experience.


Axis West’s Crystal Meth Addiction Program

Axis Treatment West has a detox program designed to meet the needs of the addict based on the severity and length of their addiction.  We understand that detox is a very frightening concept to those considering getting clean from a Crystal Meth Addiction (Source:  At Axis West our staff members have over 100 years of experience combined in the recovery field.  You will be supported here, and positioned to be comfortable throughout your detox from start to finish.  When detox is over, the individual will then proceed with the real work of their recovery, aided by a caring and supportive staff that will do its best to ensure the success of each client.  The important thing to remember is that the crystal meth addict can change their life for the better at Axis West, as long they are willing to make a sincere investment in their own recovery.

For more information about the Axis West program, please call one of our admissions specialists today at 866-737-3573.

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