Crystal Meth Rehab

Crystal Meth Rehab

Anybody who messes around with crystal methamphetamine should know they are making a deal of sorts with the devil – in return for an extreme, occasionally pleasurable, occasionally torturous high that can last for up to 12 hours, the price they may have to pay can include developing a severe addiction, along with the possibility of long-term brain damage.  Not worth it, right?  I mean, studies have even proven that former meth users, those rare lucky ones who’ve managed to escape the powerful grip of the drug, still test positive for brain damage on brain scans.  But for meth addicts, statistics don’t matter.  All that matters is chasing that high, whose pleasure grows more elusive over time, and whose pain grows only more inescapable.  That’s why the Axis West team strongly encourages anyone who suspects they, or a loved one, are in danger of developing an addiction to meth seek out a Crystal Meth Rehab at the earliest sign of trouble.


Breaking Good: Detox at Axis West’s Crystal Meth Rehab

The process of recovering from an addiction to Crystal Meth begins with detoxification. When the addict first stops taking the drug, the body must cope with the adjustment of learning to function without the drug in its system.  The good news is, unlike withdrawal from other drugs or even alcohol, weaning the body off of a Crystal Meth addiction often isn’t as unpleasant an experience.  Where alcoholics or addicts to other drugs such as heroin might be at risk for seizures or other life-threatening problems during the detox process, a meth addict might find that they only require more sleep during this initial phase of recovery at a Crystal Meth Rehab.  The bad news is, it’s still a difficult drug to let go of for an addict.  And the cessation of its use often leaves addicts feeling lost, lonely, ragged and depressed.  Which is why, despite the less severe symptoms most crystal meth addicts feel during detox, at Axis West we still go to great lengths to ensure that all our clients have the safest, most comfortable detox experience possible.


Crystal Meth Rehab: A Program for Complete Recovery

Crystal Meth Rehab programs offer the meth addict a number of resources that should help him or her begin a life free from the ravages of addiction.  For starters, a good treatment plan will immediately help the addict begin to envision a life that does not require the constant consumption of methamphetamine.  We won’t tell them they’ll never use again; after all, no one can ever make that kind of a blanket statement with any degree of integrity.  But we will help them develop the tools necessary to remain substance free, one day at a time, for the rest of their lives.  This is the way, the only way we’ve found, that addicts can enjoy truly sustainable sobriety.

What makes overcoming a meth addiction particularly challenging is that meth use can cause changes in the way the addict’s brain processes chemicals.  When the addict stops using the drug, the brain has its access cut off to specific chemicals, which means it may be unable to process feelings of pleasure.  This in turn can cause the meth addict to sink into the grips of depression, which then makes it more difficult for the meth addict to engage in their own recovery process.  The good news is crystal meth rehab can greatly ease the transition to a healthy life, as long as the addict is willing to participate in their own recovery process.  And there have been breakthroughs lately in the treatment for meth addiction, which even further increase the chances of recovery (Source:

If you’re ready to seek help from your meth addiction, or you know someone who is, please call Axis West’s admission specialists at 866-737-3573 to find out if our California crystal meth rehab is the right program for you.

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