Designer Drug Rehab

Designer Drug Rehab at Axis Treatment West

The term designer drug is often misunderstood.  It refers to any type of drug or substance that has received alteration to its chemical structure, or its “design”, which directly affects the activity that takes place when the drug enters a person’s body.  A few examples of drugs labeled as “designer” are: Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, most hallucinogenic drugs, all forms of prescription Medication, and most recently, drugs known to the Public as “Spice” and “Bath Salts”.  This wide range of drugs means there is an equally wide range of people susceptible to falling victim to addiction to these substances.  Not only is nearly every illegal drug being altered in some way in this day and age, but many of them are beginning to leapfrog government approval and enforcement, causing what’s known as a legal grey area surrounding their purchase and distribution.  At Axis Treatment West, we specialize in treating addiction to these substances in the field of designer drug dependency and exposure.  We are vigilant in identifying these new substances and their potential for dependency, making our drug staff and facility well suited for treating this disease in our designer drug rehab programs, as well as all other forms of chemical dependency.


Well Designed Treatment at our Designer Drug Rehab

There is some comfort to be had if you or a loved one is struggling with this disease.  Because of the broad nature of the designer drug classification, and the fact that so many people are seeking help for one or multiple addictions to these substances, the steady stream of cries for help in this area has resulted in more awareness and knowledge being gained on the treatment side of the spectrum.  This is where the designer drug rehab at Axis West enters the equation.  Our staff of counselors and therapists has had many years of experience dealing with and providing effective treatment in the ever changing, moving target field of addiction.  We offer a very customizable treatment program for every individual.  We offer our clients the best chance to combat their disease in designer drug rehab with a specially “designed” treatment plan centered on their specific needs, in order to maximize their chances for success and recovery in all aspects of their life.


Making New Discoveries at Designer Drug Rehab

It is imperative to remember that getting clean from a dependence on designer drugs requires just as much vigilance as was required when developing the addiction in the first place.  It is very clear now, that the illegal marketplace for designer drugs is growing every minute of every day, and simply getting clean from one substance does not prevent a person from developing another addiction elsewhere… to another substance.  The science of addiction changes every day with every new discovery, and with the ever changing availability of new and dangerous drugs in the legal market place, it is imperative that a person takes the necessary steps to combat their addiction at the very root of the disease, to ensure that they do not simply move from one drug to another.

If you or a loved one is willing to take the necessary steps to confront and explore the true nature of this disease, the possibilities for discovery and growth are endless at our California designer drug rehab at Axis West.

As they delve more deeply into work with a counselor or therapist, the addict will have the opportunity to explore a variety of issues in their life, including:

–       What caused their addiction in the first place;

–       How trauma in from childhood or adulthood may have contributed to the addiction;

–       How to control impulses to use;

–       How to avoid dangerous “trigger” situations

These are only a few examples of the potential emotional and psychological terrain that can be covered and the immense personal, physical, and mental growth that can take place from an experience in designer drug rehab can save an addict’s life and shape that person’s future towards a lifetime of freedom from dependency and the pain and suffering that come with it.

The most important thing to remember is that taking no action towards treating addiction is an incredible risk to take.  This disease shows no sign of releasing its grip on the people of the world any time soon, resulting now in millions of people being affected and losing their lives every day.  Below is a link for further information on this topic, identifying most forms of designer drugs on the market today, and also identifying a few substances with potential for future abuse.

If you or a loved one has found themselves in the grasp of dependency and struggling with this terrible disease of designer drug addiction, it is ever more important to seek treatment at a designer drug rehab as soon as possible and get the help needed to recover.

Call (866) 737-3573 to speak to one of our admissions specialists today and find out if Axis West can offer you or a loved one the help you need.

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