Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

One of the most important things to be aware of regarding the scourge of drug addiction is… it is an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory disease.  What this means is that drug addiction touches individuals of every age, gender, socioeconomic level and class.  The stigma of course is that addiction only affects the weakest among us, those lacking in willpower and mental fortitude.  But this is a tremendously unfair, and inaccurate presumption.  The truth is, drug addiction is a like cancer or any other life-threatening disease out there, only one that affects self-esteem and can change our brain chemistry as well.


Defining Drug Addiction at Axis West

For starters, drug addiction is a worldwide problem that is characterized by an addict’s compulsive use of drugs, even when the user becomes aware of the damage he or she is causing by doing so.  Substance use, along with behavioral disorders, are causing untold devastation in our country, as countless numbers of people find themselves caught in the devious snare of drug addiction.  Needless to say, as the numbers of drug addicts rise, so too do the stakes, as their addictions put their health, their relationships, and even their families at ever increasing risk.


The Hidden Costs of Drug Addiction

The truth is, drug addiction almost never hits an individual, or a family, without extracting an almost incalculable toll.  According to NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse), drug addiction costs the United States upwards of six hundred BILLION dollars annually.  This enormous price tag includes the costs of law enforcement personnel, healthcare, government-funded treatment, damages and prevention efforts, each one related to the escalating scourge of drug addiction.

In addition to the financial costs above, drug addiction also affects addicts and their loved ones on a more personal, less easily quantified level.  Among these more hidden costs you will find:

–  The devastating impact on personal relationships.  Family members, romantic partners, along with anyone who cares about the addict are deeply affected by the damage caused by the disease.

–  Damage to professional aspirations.  Drug addiction makes it very difficult, and often impossible to live up to the demands and responsibilities of maintaining a job.

–  Health and medical issues.  Drug addiction often leads to long-term health issues accompanied by escalating medical costs, and drastically compromised quality of life.

–  “I fought the law…”  Apart from the fact that drug use is illegal, drug addiction often causes the addict to make decisions that frequently lead to legal troubles.


Seeking Help for Drug Addiction at Axis West

The good news is, there IS good news.  Drug addiction is not a life sentence OR a death sentence.  It doesn’t have to be anyway, not if the addict is willing to admit his or her problem and seek help.  And while the number of addicts continue to grow, so too do the number of options for combating the disease of addiction and the devastation that often accompanies it (source: http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/treatment-approaches-drug-addiction). For those caught in the depths of their addiction, it is often hard to see a way out.  And taking that first step can require a leap of faith.  But if the willingness can be found to make that step, the solution is waiting just around the corner.  At Axis West, we offer a customized drug addiction treatment program that has benefited a wide range of addicts over the years.

If you are ready to take that first step, or even just considering taking it, call 866-737-3573 today and speak with one of the admissions specialists at Axis West.  We’ll help you determine if our drug rehab can offer you or your loved one the help you need to overcome your drug addiction.

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