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Drug Rehab At Axis West

Our residential drug rehab at Axis Treatment West offers a thorough and comprehensive inpatient program for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  The length of our clients’ stays depends upon a variety of factors, including the severity of their addictions, and each one’s individual needs.  In our experience, treatment can last anywhere from 28 days to as long as five or six months.  Our goal is not to have a client remain with us for a specified amount of time, but to provide him or her with the tools necessary to live a life of sustainable sobriety.  We feel confident that the treatment we offer will give those afflicted with addiction or alcoholism a much greater chance for achieving true recovery than those offered by outpatient programs.  If you or a loved one is actively seeking a drug rehab for your substance addiction or alcoholic issues, outpatient therapy is often an early consideration.  But if you’re serious about getting help for yourself, or someone close to you, your best first course of action should be an inpatient, residential program, and one that is comprehensive enough to provide the foundation necessary to build (or rebuild) a useful, productive life.


Detox at a Drug Rehab

For many people, their stay at a drug rehab will begin with a detox phase in which all the chemicals and toxins in their system, which have built up over years and sometimes decades of drug or alcohol abuse, are cleansed from their bodies.  This can be a trying period, but at Axis West we go to great lengths to ensure the process is both safe and comfortable, and always conducted under top notch professional supervision.  For some individuals, unfortunately, the detox process will not restore their bodies’ chemical imbalances, which can include behavioral and/or mental health disorders.  In these cases, a dual diagnosis may exist, which can require further customization of their treatment plans at a drug rehab.


Outpatient Drug Rehab

Once a client has completed an inpatient stay at Axis West’s drug rehab facility, we go to great lengths to help them develop a thorough plan to continue on their path toward long-term health and recovery.  Occasionally, this will include seeking treatment at an outpatient drug rehab.  We recommend outpatient therapy only for those recovering addicts whose coping skills have progressed to the point where they can live comfortably at home, or perhaps at a transitional residence like ours at Axis Sober Living House.  No matter where an individual seeks therapy, however, our hope for them is that it be conducted in a setting both confidential and emotionally safe.  Group therapy, of course, is a shared experience whether in an inpatient or outpatient facility, but at Axis West’s California drug rehab, we make clear the expectation that everyone is expected to respect one another, and to only discuss group issues on a group level.


Meet The Family At Drug Rehab

Although the twin diseases of alcoholism and addiction often feel like a solitary experience to the sufferer, we know that the disease wasn’t formed on its own.  There were many factors that combined to cultivate the condition, including, most significantly, the families of origin of the afflicted.  And just as the disease wasn’t formed in a vacuum, nor should its solution be offered in one.  At Axis West’s drug rehab, we strongly emphasize family involvement in the treatment process.  We realize that the family members have been affected by their loved one’s addiction, even if there’s been an estrangement from the addict/alcoholic in recent years.  The goal of family therapy at a good drug rehab is to meet the needs of all family members (source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK64269/).  We encourage as much family involvement as possible, to help shed light on the powerful connection and influence family members can have on the addict’s life, while harnessing that power to help the addict restore these valued relationships and achieve long-term, sustainable sobriety.

Please call 866-737-3573 today and speak with one of our admissions specialists to find out if Axis West’s drug rehab can offer you or your loved one the help you need.

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