Axis Treatment West is a secure and confidential environment located in a beautiful neighborhood in West Los Angeles.   Our state of the art, full-service facility gives clients their personal space, allowing them to recover from substance abuse and find their true selves in the process.  We are located just a few miles from the beach, providing a multitude of serene settings for our clients to visit.  Axis West offers 24-7 monitoring of each client, which helps clients to have constant support and comfort through what can be a difficult and frightening detox period.  Axis West specializes in easing the anxiety, and relieving the pain associated with the first stage in recovery.  Many people suffering from addiction are stuck in a state of wishing they could get clean while fearing the prospect of detox.  Axis West understands this dilemma and gently guides clients through the physical, emotional, and mental obstacles of early sobriety.

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