Marijuana Addiction

Treating Marijuana Addiction at Axis West

When it comes to marijuana most people believe that it is a non-addictive drug.  Many teens and adults believe that this drug is a seemingly harmless plant.  They might be surprised to learn that marijuana is one of the most common drugs for which people are arrested in the United States.  More teens and young adults receive treatment for marijuana use than all other illegal drugs put together.  In fact, statistics show that two out of ten people in the U.S. have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime.  It is clear to see when someone has developed a marijuana addiction. There are a few ways to identify addictive behavior.  When someone is continuously using the substance despite harmful consequences this is be a clear sign of addiction. After continuous use, a tolerance to the drug will build up and the marijuana addict will find it harder to attain the same physical response or “high”.  Increased craving for a specific substance and the inability to stop using the substance are also signs of addiction.  In addition to the misconception that marijuana is harmless, there are several other reasons that the drug is so widely used.  Marijuana is easily obtained and users often cultivate their own supplies of the drug. Medical marijuana has been legalized in several states, adding to the misconception that it is not harmful. Thankfully, there is still hope for those suffering from Marijuana addiction, which in this case comes in the form of a Marijuana addiction treatment program, like ours at the Axis Treatment West.


Finding Help For Your Marijuana Addiction

Because there are so many types of marijuana rehab programs out there today, it is very important that someone suffering from a marijuana addiction take the time to properly analyze all of his or her options. One option would be an outpatient program. This entails visiting the facility for treatment, sometimes for many hours a day, but not remaining there overnight.  Axis West on the other hand offers a long-term treatment, in-patient program.  In most situations, the long-term treatment program will be essential to the marijuana addict’s recovery. It is also crucial to pick the right marijuana rehab for treatment.  Some treatment facilities offer luxurious, spa-like environments with a high price tag as well, while other facilities feel more like a hospital or a clinic.  Our facility at Axis West has been designed to promote a warm, healing experience, administered by a caring staff in a healing atmosphere.  We know that if the recovering addict is not content with their environment, or comfortable with the staff members who are treating them, the chances of attaining sobriety decrease significantly.


Marijuana Rehab For Marijuana Addiction

The initial phase of a marijuana rehab treatment is detoxification. Detox can last a period of hours up, several days or even weeks, although the most serious symptoms will begin to subside after a day or two.  Typically, marijuana is one of the “mellower” drug to detox off of, though its psychologically addictive properties will occasionally have physical manifestations.  (Source:  At Axis Treatment West, you will be smoothly guided through your detox from the beginning to end.  Our staff members have many years of experience in treating marijuana addiction and alcoholism.  Each member of the Axis West team is prepared to ensure that you will experience a smooth, comfortable, and safe detox. When the detox period is over, the recovering marijuana addict will then proceed with a treatment program custom-made to their needs. A program that, at Axis West, confirms that marijuana addiction can be treated, if the addict is willing to invest in their own recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a marijuana addiction, please do not let one more day go by without getting help. Contact our admissions specialist today at 866.737.3573 to find out if Axis West’s marijuana treatment is the right program for you.





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