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Marijuana Rehab at Axis West

As more and more states are de-criminalizing the use of marijuana, the dangers that the drug poses are being swept under the rug.  Many marijuana smokers have come to believe they are not using a dangerous drug.  But the truth is, it is every bit as dangerous as any other additive substance out there, if for no other reason than for its well-earned status as a “gateway drug”.  Whether or not marijuana is technically addictive should not obscure the more important issue that the abuse of marijuana remains a very dangerous endeavor.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources out there for people who do develop problems with marijuana, chief among them a Marijuana rehab such as the one we have here at Axis Treatment West.  The lives of those adversely affected by the use of marijuana includes those of family members and friends who care about the well being of the addict who is abusing the drug.  With so much at stake, for the marijuana user as well as his and/or her loved ones, the importance of taking advantage of the effectiveness of marijuana rehabs is greater than ever.


The Truth About Marijuana AND Marijuana Rehab

Many people claim that because marijuana is a supposedly “natural substance”, that fact somehow minimizes the damage it can do to the human body.  That argument is often followed by the logic that if medical practitioners around the world are prescribing it to their patients, the drug must have some benefits for its users.  Frankly, it is logic such as this that makes marijuana rehab a more challenging rehab to argue for than other rehabs that treat addictions to ‘harder’ drugs like meth and cocaine.  At Axis West, we encourage marijuana users to remember that addiction by its very nature will cause the addict to come up with logic to diminish the severity of its hold on the user, and to convince the user it’s ok to continue use of whatever substance is at hand.

For the marijuana abuser, we strongly advise that the decision on whether to enter a marijuana rehab be made in conjunction with family, therapists and medical providers. It’s necessary to consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to: the user’s employment situation, frequency of marijuana use, the degree of damage done by the addiction, etc.  We have found that often that when someone has used marijuana to the point of addiction, they may have developed other conditions which can be addressed by a marijuana rehab program.

In cases such as these, it becomes even more important to enroll in inpatient therapy at a marijuana rehab, so the afflicted individual can be more properly diagnosed and treated. For instance, if a marijuana smoker has been self-medicating to ease anxiety, there is a real possibility that the anxiety in question will only accelerate when the user discontinues his or her use of the drug.  In such a case, we might deem it necessary to prescribe medications to treat the anxiety before significant a more rigorous treatment program can be initiated.


What About Detox And Marijuana Rehab?

The good news is, the detoxification process when discontinuing use from a marijuana addiction is not as severe as it is for other illegal or prescription drugs.  After ceasing smoking marijuana after chronically using the drug over a long period of time, the addict may experience symptoms including sleeplessness, anxiety or agitation, and cravings. Such marijuana detox symptoms can begin within a day or two of going off the drug, and can last between one or two weeks.  Depending upon the severity of these symptoms, the recovering marijuana addict will be grateful to be undergoing this detox process at a marijuana rehab designed specifically for this purpose.

One of the first and most important benefits the recovering marijuana addict will experience at marijuana rehab is learning new coping skills and fresh ways of seeing the world around them.  At this point, they will no longer care to engage in the age-old debate of whether or not marijuana can lead to addiction (source:  They will simply be grateful that they’re finally on a path which will lead to a deeper happiness and freedom than they’ve experienced in a long time.

If you’d like more information on recovery from marijuana addiction or our California marijuana rehab, please call Axis West today at (866) 737-3573.

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