Morphine Addiction

Morphine Addiction

Among the most difficult ailments people endure today are the constant aches and discomfort that fall under the broad heading of Chronic pain.  According to recent studies, chronic pain affects people’s lives across a wide spectrum, causing problems with sleep, clear thinking, their every day moods, their heart health, sexual function and overall quality of life.  And since nobody enjoys living with chronic pain, and because we live in a society conditioned to believe that pain must be avoided at all costs, those afflicted continue to seek stronger drugs as a means of keeping their chronic pain under control.  One of the drugs that people turn to most in these situations is morphine, which when taken properly, can be an effective painkiller.  But more often than not, repeated morphine use will lead to a morphine addiction, which in turn tends to cause persistent changes in the brains of the people who use it.


How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Morphine Addiction

At Axis West, we understand that many people develop a morphine addiction after having lived with chronic pain for much of their lives.  For this reason, they may be very wary of discontinuing their use of the drug entirely.  Some may fear that if they stop using morphine, their pain will return worse than ever before.  The truth is, people who abuse morphine have been found to experience greater pain than those who have treated their chronic pain via other methods.  Morphine simply isn’t as effective in the long run, when compared to other forms of therapy.  Our morphine addiction treatment plan at Axis West will teach people that they can achieve relief from chronic pain through other, less harmful pain medications, especially when combined with other interventions such as physical therapy or massage.  It’s important to remember that morphine can be an effective solution for pain – as long as the dosage is monitored closely, used in conjunction with other therapies, and never taken in ways for which it is not prescribed.  Unfortunately, drug addicts as a species are not known to be particularly reliable when it comes to taking any mediation as prescribed.


Getting Help For Morphine Addiction At Axis West

Ironically, people who have developed a morphine addiction, are very often the same people who were prescribed morphine because of an addiction to another, stronger drug such as heroin (source:  But even so, morphine remains a difficult drug from which to recover, if one does wind up forming an addiction to it.  The good news is, there are medications, therapies and treatment programs available for anyone who does find themselves in need of morphine addiction treatment.  If that could be you, or a loved one, please don’t let another day go by without getting help.  Please contact one of our admissions specialists today at 866-737-4962 to find out if Axis West has the right morphine addiction program for you.

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