Other Treatments Offered

Axis Treatment West’s staff of trained professionals is equipped to treat and provide support to a wide variety of clientele.  Axis West helps clients recover from numerous different addictions and disorders, some of which include:

Gambling Addiction

Here at Axis Treatment West our staff provides undivided attention to those suffering from Gambling Addiction.  It is our primary purpose during treatment to show clients a new way of living free from their addiction.  Issues that arise as a result of their addiction are dealt with on an individualized basis, which helps clients see the root of their problem and begin to live a more structured and principled life.  Confronting clients’ issues helps give them the best possible opportunity to succeed at recovering from their addiction.

Eating Disorders

Axis Treatment West is able to provide help to those who suffer from eating disorders.  Those individuals who are suffering from eating disorders often have similar underlying issues as those suffering from other addictions.

At Axis Treatment West we help uncover the core issues related to their eating disorders so our clients can address and begin to recover from the problem.  Giving clients a serene and low stress environment in which to address their issues allows them to have a clear, open mind so they can begin learn about their problems and find the inspiration for change without the distractions of everyday life.

Another important aspect of treatment for eating disorders that we provide at Axis Treatment West is the promotion of a healthy balanced diet.  When clients enter our facility active in their disorder, they are typically malnourished and in need of a nutritional plan.  Axis Treatment West has an executive chef who is there to provide nutritious meals for our clients but also to educate them on how to maintain a healthy diet.  This helps our clients once again begin to live the healthy life style that is an essential aspect of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis and Co-occurring Disorders

Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders is defined as a psychiatric diagnosis accompanied by a substance abuse problem.  At Axis Treatment West we are able to effectively treat individual clients who suffer from co-occurring disorders.  Many individuals discover narcotics and begin to abuse them in an effort to self-medicate issues of anxiety and/or depression.  Another common story pathway for dual diagnosis individuals begins with the initial diagnosis of their issues.  When someone is diagnosed with a psychiatric problem they are commonly prescribed anxiolytics, anti-depressants, or other medications that are easily abused.  The use of these drugs and the client’s dependence upon them is what typically brings them to Axis West.  Axis Treatment West is fully capable of treating and helping dual diagnosed clients recover from their substance abuse as well as achieving relief from the symptoms associated with their psychiatric disorders.  Upon intake to our facility there is an extensive psychosocial and drug evaluation that is conducted in order to successfully design a treatment plan which fits their needs.


Our team of psychologists, counselors, and therapists work with clients on an individual basis which helps assure the best results in their recovery process.   Through the numerous clinically proven treatment programs Axis has one of the highest success rates in the field when it comes to dual diagnosis treatment.  We attribute this to our entire staff’s complete devotion to client recovery.

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