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OxyContin Rehab at Axis Treatment West

OxyContin, or Oxycodone, is a strong prescription opiate that was created with the purpose of being a time-released supplement for numerous doses of Vicodin throughout the day.  There are many who abuse it in the pill form it is manufactured in, but others have found a way to bypass the time-release function to increase the intended effects.  Those afflicted with an addiction trying to get clean will go through many steps in the process of recovery; while these steps may be different from person to person, almost everyone starts at detox.  Detox is the process of clearing your body of OxyContin, but due to the fact that it is such a strong opiate, odds are withdrawal symptoms will occur.  Since withdrawals can last for days and may include pain, irritability, and physical ailment, the detox process can be made much easier in an OxyContin rehab facility where medical attention can be given.  We, at Axis West, are glad to help those looking for an OxyContin rehab seeking freedom from their addiction.


Fighting OxyContin Addiction with OxyContin Rehab

Many people have come to the realization that going through an OxyContin rehab greatly increases their odds of beating their disease.  While each individual will need to evaluate the severity of their case, it is important to find a facility that will customize a program for your specific needs, since what works for one person may not work for the next.  There are many benefits to choosing an inpatient OxyContin rehab rather than an outpatient program.  While the outpatient approach will allow you to maintain a more normal work schedule and attend to other responsibilities as well, it brings with it a higher risk of relapse.  All of the unsupervised time allows for a greater chance to give in to cravings.  At an inpatient facility, like ours at Axis West, there is very little unsupervised time, as patients are kept busy with scheduled groups, therapy sessions, and outings; all of which are with a group of people going through a similar process. There are a series of examinations, including both a physical and psychological evaluation, to help determine which course of action to take in treatment.  The physical exam will inform you of any physiological effects the drugs may have had on your body, while the psychological examination may bring to light any mental health issues that may be present with the addiction. These evaluations will help determine the best course of action to take on the road to recovery, and how best we can customize your treatment options with a combination of medication-based treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychological therapy.


Awakening at a California Oxycontin Rehab

After the drugs have left your system there are a few things one can expect to gain, first is a clearer mind; second is an increased ability to face certain feelings and behaviors that are connected with the addiction. By delving into the past and working with a counselor and/or therapist certain issues may be brought up such as: the initial cause of the addiction; any past trauma that could have added to the addiction; learning to control using impulses; learning about “triggers” and how to avoid, as well as deal with them.

These are only a small sampling of the different topics that may be discussed in oxyonctin rehab, but becoming more aware of these things will assist an addict in staying clean for the long-term, and allow for an easier time reintegrating back into the real world to lead a more fulfilling life.

One of the worst things that can be done with an addiction is nothing – and in most cases the longer an addict is left to their own devices, the less chance there is that help will be sought out. Oxycontin is included in a class of prescription pills that has an increasing rate of overdose according to the CDC (source: http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/rxbrief/), so it is imperative to seek help at an oxycontin rehab if either you or someone in your life suffers from an addiction to oxycontin.

For more information on the Axis West Treatment facility, please call 866-737-3573 and see if we can offer the help you may be looking for.

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