The Axis Philosophy

The Axis Residential West PhilosophyAxis Treatment West believes in providing the most comfortable and supportive environment possible for our clients to begin the extremely challenging journey into personal recovery.  Substance abuse robs many afflicted of their freedom, their dignity, their personal identity, and even their sense of humor.  At Axis West we create a space where individuals can regain those elements of life.  Getting sober, and staying sober, is one of the most difficult things many substance abusers will ever have to do.  For many, starting this journey is daunting.  The Axis West philosophy begins with helping to inspire our clients to begin the process.  However, inspiration alone is not enough.  In our experience personal insight and education on the disease of addiction is also needed to recover.  Unlike other treatment centers, our highly trained staff is present seven days a week to help our clients to understand the nature of their malady.  However, even education is not enough.  The Axis West philosophy is to combine inspiration and education with 24-7 support.  Many individuals in early recovery are overwhelmed with an onslaught of mental and emotional difficulties.  A major symptom of substance abuse is the disconnection and numbing of emotions, once detox occurs these emotions can feel especially overwhelming.  We understand the complications of this chemical reaction in early recovery, and support our clients through these challenges.  Axis West provides individual and group therapy with licensed therapists to help with emotional regulation, goal setting, practical interventions, and the development of coping skills.  However, once again, support is not enough.  A final component to the Axis West philosophy is to challenge our clients to put their best effort towards their recovery.  Because we understand how much work permanent change requires, our staff is specially trained to get the best effort out of each client.  This begins with physical healing, and carries through to the psychosocial components of aftercare planning.

The Axis Residential West PhilosophyUpon entry, our clients find a secure and nurturing environment full of trained professionals, many of whom have been through similar struggles with substance abuse.  Because of the professional training our staff receives, and the years of personal recovery each of them has been through, Axis West staff is able to provide understanding, motivation, and a shared purpose with each client.  Having endured similar experiences, and more importantly found a solution, Axis West staff is able to relate and help the newly recovering alcoholic find his or her way in life.  The void that drugs or alcohol creates in someone can be replaced by a greater purpose.  At Axis West that purpose is discovered by accommodating the needs, health, and history of each individual client.  Some of our staff are individuals who began their recovery process in Axis Treatment.  We are extremely proud of this fact, as it speaks to the level of leadership and service that our program fosters.  Genuine care for each client can be the catalyst for a change that can only be truly appreciated once a psychic change has occurred.  Great success can be had by those with a desire to practice the solution that Axis offers, a solution that helps clients harness their inner strength to meet life on life’s terms, finally achieving personal freedom.