Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction


Over the course of the last 20 years, prescription drugs have slowly but surely become the most abused drugs in our society today.  Prescription drug addiction is an epidemic of epic proportions that does not discriminate between age groups or economic backgrounds.  It is an equal opportunity devastator of lives; whether you are wealthy or poor, a graduate student or a high school dropout, it can and will attack anyone.  Even those who’ve carefully taken them as directed!


But help is at hand at Axis Treatment West’s prescription drug rehab.  For those who truly want help at least, it’s important to remember: there is a way to combat the devastating effects of the disease.  At Axis West, we have a staff with over 100 years combined experience in treating addiction, administering a dynamic program that is tailored to the needs of each individual.  If you or someone you know is suffering from a prescription drug addiction, please rest assured that relief is available… for those willing to reach out for it.


Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction

At Axis West, we know that the clients we are treating are facing what to them may seem to be an insurmountable challenge.  So first of all, what we hope to impart is a sense of hope that their prescription drug addiction CAN be overcome, if they’re ready and willing to invest more deeply in their own recovery.  To aid in this process, we have a range of goals, which we lay out for our clients upon enrolling in our program:

–  To guide the recovering prescription drug addict on how to cope with stress and other issues in their lives that may have contributed to their drug use.

–  To help the recovering addict develop life skills, which will in turn help them resist temptations that may come from cravings or other withdrawal symptoms.

–  Treat any underlying psychological issues that may have contributed to or stemmed from the drug addiction.

–  Re-establish a healthy lifestyle.


What to Expect from Prescription Drug Rehab?

If you or a loved one is in need of prescription drug addiction treatment, and you decide to enroll in an inpatient, residential prescription drug rehab program, you will be introduced to an entirely new way of life while you are in treatment.  According to a recent NIDA study, prescription drug addiction can be treated effectively (Source: at a program such as the one we have here at Axis West.  But this new way of life may begin with a search – of bodies and belongings – upon arrival, a necessity in order to prevent any unauthorized prescription drug use while you or your loved one is living at the center.

It’s important to understand that our Axis West staff has been trained to avoid judging our clients.  But they are also trained to be very wary of the insidious nature of the disease of drug addiction, which we know will try and convince our clients that they might be justified in bringing a few painkillers into the facility for their achy, sore muscles.  Our staff members are simply making sure we get the recovery process started on the right foot.  Shortly after arrival, clients will meet with an intake counselor, be given their workbooks or other materials for the treatment program, and later be shown to their rooms to settle in for the night.  It usually isn’t until the next day that our clients will begin initial counseling sessions, be given a tour of the facility, followed by medical exams to establish baselines for conditions such as blood pressure, body temperature and withdrawal symptoms.  If a Detox is deemed necessary, it will be administered gently and professionally, and always under the safest conditions possible.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a prescription drug addiction, please don’t hesitate to call one of our addiction specialists today at 866-737-3573 and find out if our program at Axis West is right for you.

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