“Axis changed my life. It helped me grow into the individual I have always wanted to become, they really taught me how to live again. I will forever be grateful for the life lessons afforded to me by all the staff here at Axis.”

“Axis showed me a new way to live free from drugs and alcohol. When I walked through their doors they greeted me with open arms, and their caring individualized approach to my recovery is what helped me achieve my goals. Thank you everyone at Axis for giving me my life back. “

“When I entered Axis I was broken and beaten. I had been through seven treatment centers in the past with nothing to show for it. Axis helped me see my true problems and help me work on them. Through the care and support they gave me at Axis I left a new person. I will always be grateful to Axis for helping me make sobriety a part of my life.”

“When I came into the Axis rehabilitation program my life had been reduced to nothing but self-centered drug addict behavior. I had nothing going for me, no real ability at all to get sober; even though my life had become completely non-existent I was not even sure I wanted to get clean. Axis showed me a way to live life again by instilling in me the structure one needs to function in society as a normal human being. They helped open doors of self-realization inside of me that I never even knew existed. Now I can live life and be content knowing that as long as I stay sober my life will continue to get better.”

“Drugs were my way of life for a decade before entering Axis Treatment. I have been to many rehabs before and not one of them had immersed me into a recovery program so deeply, none until Axis had ever engaged or inspired me in such a drastic fashion. Today I know that I do not need drugs and alcohol to deal with real life situations. I can live with myself today, which is one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received. “