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Vicodin Rehab at Axis West

Vicodin, generically known as hydrocodone, is one of the best-known addictive pharmaceutical pain medications.  This drug is commonly prescribed for those who experience pain after a medical procedure, but is not intended for long-term use due to its extremely high potential for addiction.  Although the drug is a necessary and effective tool in acute short term pain management, it becomes almost impossible to continue acceptable use once a patient has become physically addicted.  For those already predisposed to alcoholism and addiction, just a few pills are enough to begin the cycle of addiction.

When a full addiction is realized, the user will notice a rapidly developing tolerance to the effects the drug produces. This leads the user to take more than the prescribed dose to simply manage their pain, and still more to experience the euphoric effects the drug can produce. At this stage, an addict will find their personal life begins to fall victim to their addiction, as all of their money, time, and energy becomes invested in managing their addiction. Things rapidly deteriorate, and a state of hopelessness quickly ensues.  Luckily, there is a way for the addict to get their life back, with us at the Axis West Vicodin Rehab.


Choosing the Right Vicodin Rehab Program

It is essential that someone considering enrollment in a Vicodin Rehab program take the time to investigate the many options available.  The most prevalent options are in-patient and outpatient programs.  Outpatient Vicodin Rehab programs are designed to allow the addict the chance to continue with their daily lives while attempting to treat their addiction in their spare time.  While this option may work for some, it does not fit the typical patient who is suffering from addiction to Vicodin.  The most typical Vicodin Addict has experienced extensive damage to their personal and financial lives, and will require the more thorough treatment available at an in-patient Vicodin Rehab Program like the one offered at Axis West. (Source:

If a long-term in-patient facility is deemed necessary, a Vicodin addict must carefully choose which facility is right for them. There are a large range of Vicodin Rehab options, ranging from extravagant to basic.  Here at Axis West, we know how important it is for the recovering addict to feel safe, comfortable, and focused as they embark on the journey of recovery.  We provide a perfect balance of luxury and structure to ensure the best chance at recovery for each and every client.


Get Help Today at Axis West’s Vicodin Rehab

The typical rehab stint begins with a detoxification phase that is designed to rid the body of all addictive substances. Although the length and degree of intensity of the process varies, detox can last for a period of hours or days, with the most significant symptoms beginning to subside after a day or two.  At Axis West’s California Vicodin Rehab, our staff includes medical doctors and industry experts who will ensure the most comfortable and safe detox phase possible.  Our Vicodin Rehab staff members have over 100 years combined experience in the field of treating alcoholism and addiction, and each one is prepared to make every effort to ensure that you will receive unrivaled care.

When detox is over, the recovering Vicodin addict will be outfitted with an individualized treatment plan designed to address the client’s specific needs.  Vicodin Rehab can be successful the first time.  Take the first step today at Axis West’s Vicodin Rehab.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a Vicodin addiction, please don’t let another day go by without getting help.  Contact one of our admissions specialists today at 866-737-4962 to find out if Axis West’s Vicodin Rehab is the right program for you.

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